Story by Flavio and Cristina,
Translation by Davide Andreis

After only 4-hour sleep we’re driving again to reach Forlì. It’s raining and it’s cold, but we’re energized and happy 🙂

We want to be in town by noon to attend the concert press conference, which is organized by IOR (Romagna’s Oncology Institute),  with the support of the Italian Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis non-profit Organization,  dedicated to Alberto Bacchi, a Forlì hairstylist, one of Carla’s friends, who  prematurely died of this terrible disease.

Once in the Town Hall, a very kind employee let us in one of the rooms where the press conference was apparently scheduled, about an hour before its beginning, but … eh, too good to be true! Shortly after noon, we are told that the event would be held in another room, so we grab all our stuff and we move on. But difficulties are not over, yet. When we reach the room where the press conference is taking place, we find out that only journalists are allowed! That’s tough, but in less than a second … IDEA!! I pull out my Photographer Card as a credential, and it worked!!!!  Even when I say that all the friends behind me are my collaborators (!!!). This is something that Oliviero Toscani dreams of; being accompanied by all of these co-workers… and finally we are in!

The press conference turns out to be a very touching experience, at times moving…

At the end of it, the journalists ask Carla a few questions. One of these questions must absolutely be reported here, so to play it down a bit… “Alice, you sing, but how do you do it? Do you have musicians?”

OK guys, now: is this a joke??

Another reporter, instead, with her question, allows Carla to make a very nice and profound speech, about the way children’s talent is exploited in many TV shows and how some other television programs grant an easy way to success and popularity, though often not so durable, so as to destabilize somehow the talented person. Then the awesome remembrance of Carla’s grandfather, an illiterate man who taught her the true essence of things and the true relationship and direct contact with nature and earth.

The rest of the day goes by with toasts, chit-chat and… photographs. The pictures you see in the original Italian version of this article are take in Forlì, and I dedicate them to you, Carla …


The Première… so this concert should be considered, highly anticipated, after the Correggio pre-première.

The theater is packed. After the presentation of the show, its charitable purposes and a brief and touching speech by Massimiliano Bacchi, son of the hairstylist to whom the show is dedicated, the concert begins…

The waiting is anxious during those few moments when the curtain still separate the stage from the stalls. Two worlds get together between dream and reality, through a universal language, Music, linking artist and audience in a mutual exchange of emotions…

The playlist varies a bit over the night before; small changes that help to build up the success of the show, despite the earlier unexpected sound problems.

Carla decides not to sing “Come il Mare” because, like she then tells us after the show, she feels there’s something wrong with it… A choice we fully agree with.

The concert, however, goes on along its logical thread, with the alternation of more intimate songs with those which are bit more pop, in a continuous run from present to past, more or less remote.

It is exciting to listen to some songs, one above all: “Il Sole nella Pioggia”. Over the years we have written many times how much we love this song that Carla has always superbly performed, giving us the gift of feelings that words, at least mine, cannot express…

This concert in Forlì is beautiful, overwhelming and intimate, delicate, passionate and exciting, moving for Carla’s dedication of “A Cchiù bella” to his friend who died prematurely.

Touching is the remembrance of Alberto Bacchi who, shortly before his death, spoke with his eyes, which expressed a whole world. And Carla pointed out that this demonstrates that our physical body counts for little, in comparison with the profoundness of the spirit. A wonderful lesson, in a society where too often the body perfection becomes obsessive, so as to cause devastating social diseases such as anorexia and bulimia. But Carla didn’t say that, this is a thought of mine  🙂


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