Translation by Davide Andreis

9:30 am
We just left from Terni. My fault… I was supposed to be at Flavio’s at 7, but my finger fought with the alarm snooze button and then, 20 minutes after
20 minutes the delay accumulated… But this is no longer big news…
Actually it was an excuse not to leave before the opening of the Patisserie “Modernissima” which, after the fasting of the Holiday Season, it’s the right
place to be! 🙂
I like the idea of spending an afternoon at the beach!
11.40 am

A beautiful sunny winter day and time passes very pleasantly while playing Ruzzle and listening to Exitpaul… A beautiful record of a great Artist
and friend. We deliberately didn’t play Samsara in the cd player, in order to savor every single note later on tonight.
Short stop at the service area and we have a bit of fun.

5.30 PM
Wonderful afternoon at the beach … the scent, the noise, the atmosphere … many people in winter clothes, reflections on the wet sand…
Exactly what I imagined and dreamed of days before this concert.

After the beautiful stroll along the sea, as usual, we sought refuge in a bar, meeting old and new traveling companions …
In between laughters, serious conversations, cocktails and hot chocolates, time goes by quickly and the longed moment is now here.

Our camera equipment is ready … it may seem strange, but it is natural for us to be able to audience the show and get excited as we follow Carla through the lens, as we’re trying to stop Time in those endless moments of happiness.

Yes, because attending one of Carla’s concerts or, best, simply “meeting” Carla, makes our day!
And so the emotions that we get from listening turn into pictures… images that we just browse at any moment of our lives to relive those unique,
magnificent moments, that magically are always new, over and over at every single concert… The show begins… the curtain opens up shifting cold air to the first row. It’s always a magic moment of breath-holding, a moment suspended in time…

It is no coincidence that the concert opens with “Tempo Senza Tempo”.
Carla and his musicians excite us again tonight, the show expanded to include “visions” projected on the stage that bind to the arrangements and melodies,
weaving textures of enchantment in our hearts…
The surprise is to listen, for the first time live on this tour, to a song over and over acclaimed by the audiences in the previous shows,
“Un Mondo a Parte”.
Gently, Carla’s voice, supported by the minor arpeggios of Osvaldo di Dio’s guitar, and the sound carpet of sampled arcs, welcomes us in a world apart, really…
The concert continues leaving us excited, welcomed, contented, and aware of how fortunate we are in being able to attend such a charm.

We repeat ourselves, but the interpretation of a particular song, “Il Sole nella Pioggia”, always leaves us breathless…

The end of the concert is entrusted to two historical songs of the 80s: “Il Vento Caldo dell’Estate” and “Per Elisa”, which in no way are affected by
the time passing by…
We just have to thank Carla for these indelible meetings…
Then, outside the theater Carla, as always extremely available, stops to greet all those who expect to receive a smile, a look, a handshake,
an intense hug.
We, travelers, conclude the day in a pizzeria, each with their own emotions still resonant inside us.


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