Translation by Davide Andreis

12 PM One hour… and then I’ll start the engine of my C1 to reach for Flavio in Orte. Indescribable emotion… pure euphoria… that’s how I like to feel and these will be days like this!

3.20 PM We’ve been driving since awhile, after having set the GPS up, as usual. It’s raining and it’s cold. Big blacks clouds cross the sky, without slightly interfering with our state of grace. And these faces of ours in state of grace are pictured in one of the photographs.

8 PM Arrival in Sant’Agata. In front of the theater are some of our friends and, just to keep the tradition alive, we sneak in the only bar which is still open… but only for a few minutes, because the concert is about to begin. The theater is so cute. Very small, about 100 seats capacity. We admire with the joy of the waiting in our hearts, the stage populated by musical instruments. It is an image that I particularly like, that of the instruments alone on the stage… They offer an atmosphere of suspended time and they can, already, tell a story all by themselves.

9:30 PM With “Tempo Senza Tempo” a magnificent concert begins. No images in the background, this time, but the theater itself, however, offers an intimate setting, cozy and out of the ordinary. Flavio is in the gallery, while I sit close the mixer. I must say that listening to a concert from the position next to the mixer is an unforgettable sound experience for the purity and cleanliness of the sound that one perceives… Someone asks us the sense of hearing almost every night the same concert. It’s the love for those sounds, it’s the sense of absolute belonging to the content of those lyrics, it’s the desire for beauty and poetry, it’s to find out every time there is a song that maybe the day before you listened to as one among many but tonight, for the influence of external events or simply a combination of inner reasons, you feel it as more yours, so yours that you end up crying for joy, so yours that it brings you an immense serenity. To me tonight that song was “Il Contatto”. A song that I have always loved and one of my Carla’s favorites, but tonight I loved it even more … And while I listened, I spellbound watched the way Nick Taccori embroidered sounds on the drums. At the end, I was paralyzed by emotion, so much as not to be able to applaud…

In tonight’s playlist Carla has reinserted “Nomadi” and in the encore she added “Per Elisa” and the UNMISSABLE version of “Il Vento Caldo dell’Estate”, and “Messaggio”, too.


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