Translation by Davide Andreis

4:35 PM
After a long night’s sleep and a short ride to the mall, where I and Marina give vent to all our childish instincts (best not to disclose how), we resumed our journey, destination Padua.

This Teatro Geox is not easy to find, despite our TomTom does its best to guide us towards it.. But… no way! Davide comes to our rescue and gives us the name of the parallel street. We eventually get there, but what a desolation …. The theater is located in the very suburbs, in the middle of nowhere. Nothing could be further from the jewel-theather of last night.

Next to the theater is a disturbing construction which we try to figure out what it is… Maybe a cemetery for those condemned to hell? Maybe a prison?

We hear the music coming from the theater, but because of the incessant noise of cars passing by, we cannot distinguish anything…

7:10 PM
It’ hard for the TOURists… In the cold, waiting in the car for over an hour in the parking lot in front of the Teatro Geox… Who reads this may wonder why we do it… How can we answer… We can’t explain it, one may only try… 🙂

7:35 PM
Uhm … We just found out that we could step in since an hour…
DIY TOURists??? No way!!! We froze to death outside!!!

The lobby of the theater is modern and futuristic. As we enter we feel the vibrant voice of Carla breaking into the room. A blow to the heart although, we confess, the first thought now is… the restroom, as the cold did not help…

And it is precisely because of the cold, perhaps, if even the most staid and noble of us melts down, giving a nice strike to his unassailable reputation.

While waiting I take a picture of my pals with the iPhone. Marina is missing, still home, but she’ll be here soon!

As usual nobody likes how he/she turned out in the picture, but Flavio, who keeps on saying: “How handsome I am!” It’s ok… A contented mind is a perpetual feast! 🙂

I’d like to close this moment of waiting with a quotation found on a wall of the lobby… it seems very appropriate!

“Music is the only art essentially alive. Its elements are the elements of life itself. Deaf, but perceptible, powerful though recognized, it is wherever life is.”

The inside theater is a pleasant surprise; seen from the outside seemed not to be an appropriate location for Carla, but the interiors are really well appointed. Just before the curtain, some images on screens on both sides of the stage: a tribute to Mariangela Melato, recently passed away, and a spontaneous applause of the audience greeted the great artist.

And then silence… The curtain opens up, from the guitar the first notes of “Tempo senza Tempo”, Carla emerges from the darkness of the backstage and here’s the start of another wonderful trip…
Tonight images are again projected on the background, and on this wide stage they stand out more than ever, and we feel part of the show despite the apparent dispersion due to the size of the theater.

The audience responds with great enthusiasm, and when the exchange between artist and audience is so intense, it’s a benefit fot the performance. Carla gives herself unconditionally, as usual, and you feel on your skin the magic of these moments…
The playlist varies a little, but only in the sequence of the songs, and at the end of the concert, many people flock to the stage waiting for encores.

Being here tonight is an indescribable joy, while Carla sings the final two songs, we look around towards the audience, and we see bright eyes, smiling faces, happy faces…

A great evening … Carla after greeting and signing autographs gives us more time for us all… In her dressing room we spend about half an hour that goes by so fast…

Carla is a wonderful person, a great artist, and we, tonight, again, savor moments of intense happiness.


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