Translation by Davide Andreis 

12.00 PM
We leave for Pescara, as usual with delay… as usual my fault. Yes, because having completely forgotten that we’ll overnight in Pescara, even though for a few hours, I was ready to leave when I realized that I packed no clothing, no toothbrush and tothpaste… in short: no nothing… What a drawback, forgetting to pack my bags… I’m getting old…
Then a nice breakfast in Terni, where Silvia, Antonella and I, reach Flavio.

1:30 PM
We’ve been driving for one and a half hour to make a few kilometers. All paths indicated by the navigator system are closed, but she continues to say “go back when you can.”
We can’tttttttttttt!!
Do you understand it or not??
Finally it seems she understood and the journey continues, interspersed with small stops due to wrong roads again… Now maybe we’re doing good, and the the road signs seem to confirm it (TN: see the CANTALICE road sign picture).
It’s a beautiful sunny day and we are surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains.

5:54 PM
We are in the theater bar. Impossible to remain outside, it’s really cold! To tell the truth, this area gives me a great sense of desolation…
Every day marked by a concert is a special day, magical, wherever we are…
But this happens to only us; by looking out of the windows of this bar I see the usual life of a city, in a day like many others.

9:20 PM
The curtain rises on the stalls, where, unfortunately many red chairs are empty…
It’s a pity that an artist such as Carla doesn’t get the response she deserves in some cities. Yet she is very popular, but maybe there was no media bombardment that would give more visibility to the new cd and to its relative tour…
The warmth and participation, however, are not missing, neither tonight. Scattered throughout the stalls, we TOURists give our best, the empty spaces resonate with long applause, continuous cheers and silence is broken by the emotion which comes with the listening…
Carla’s voice enchants our hearts… one after the other, the songs that mark this tour push our souls into a dimension that hanging in the balance between being and non-being, like a tightrope walker maintains his balance by balancing its rod suspended in the air, so will we be led, step by step, through the magic tightrope between dream and reality…
We all wish that this dream wold never end, broken by the noise of our daily life, we’d like to spend all night listening to Carla, to see her move on stage with her usual grace, in complete harmony with the sounds and images…

We’d like to continue to live in this dream where emotions nearly hurt, the way they are strong…
But dreams do come true… or… or break… or, more simply, are interrupted with the arrival of daylight…
Thus the curtain closes this evening, too, leaving behind a trail of sensations that turn into strength, energy, life.
It is past midnight when, after having greeted Carla who hugged us all with great affection, we go eating at “Giazz and restaurant” a very nice and cozy place close to the theater.
The owner, a very kind guy, before the concert agreed to cook us something, despite it’s late…
So we find ourselves at a table in a room where the taste of the owners for the Arts in its various forms clearly shows. On the walls are some pictures of different artists, in the background some music contrasts with our laughters and emotions.
After a little appetizer, the owner brings us some great noodles “paglia e fieno”, freshly made by hand, seasoned with a delicious meat sauce, and for the two vegetarians of us, or pseudo-vegeterians :), a differente condiment, but just as good!
The food is accompanied by an excellent Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, a couple of dazing beers (right, Crissi?) And then, time for dessert… chocolate pralines with superlative chili, and a wonderful almond and green pistachio pie… So delicious that we ask for an encore!

We have to thank for the kindness, availability, and the care with which we were served this dinner, and we would like to think that soon this restaurant could become the place to meet after the shows taking place at the Teatro Massimo, perhaps in the company of various artists.


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