Translation by Davide Andreis 

11.50 AM
After the many kilometers driven to reach all concert venues, sunrises when leaving or returning home, today we are already here in Bologna. For once, the alarm clock doesn’t interfere with our dreams, the sunlight will wake us up, when the rested eyes will open up to the new day…
The weather is bad, it’s raining and it’s cold. Late morning, we leave for the mall to buy breakfast (okay, we should have lunch given the time…) and then we spend our time in and out of stores… We need to buy the necessary for our restoration, says Cris.
The writer (Flavio) is not really happy for this unexpected activity… but he grins and bears it, and assumes the role of Jiminy Cricket, to try to keep back the Compulsive Shopping Disorder that hits Cris. 😉
Back “home” we are going to prepare for the evening and later on rejoin with all our friends who, like us, with intimate joy, are looking forward to the beginning of it…

A live, loud and felt concert, partaken by all the public this evening. We, the ones of the “hardcore”, all are in the front row. Oh, yes, we’re in Bologna and Marina made no mistake and bought the whole front row.
The warmth of the Bolognese public is overwhelming. When such an harmony and such an exchange is created, the concert itself benefits in an exceptional way. Therefore Carla gives us another two hours of dream music and when the time of encores comes, as she says, she doesn’t even pretend to leave and, right away, sings “Messaggio” too, giving us the chance to melt our emotions in an unanimous and liberating chanting.
Then the curtain closes down, but not on the evening which will continue with joy until at least 2 am.
We are going to bed with a shared concern: if tomorrow (which would be today), it keeps on snowing like this, how do we get back home?


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