Translation by Davide Andreis 

11.04 pm
In a beautiful sunny day we begin our journey to Livorno, avoiding the highways and stopping en route here and there, to take some pictures.

2:00 PM
We are almost in Livorno, but we decide to stop at a service area to offset the awful breakfast with something at least edible…
Some clouds over inland Tuscany but over the sea the sky looks clear.

3:16 PM
We park our car before the restricted traffic area, we decide to head to the theater,
just to get our bearings, and then we go strolling to to take some photos. The day, though cold, is sunny and the light is good for our purposes…
Around 5 PM we’re back near the theater and find our fellow travelers in a bar, refreshing themselves. With some of them we then head to the port to take advantage of the warm sunset light and then, rather chilly, we are welcomed at Fabrizio’s, for a rich happy hour, basically a standing dinner (barefoot, since our host asked everyone of us to take off our shoes, wich resulted in a great display of stockings and socks, and luckily with no toe peeping out from any hole… maybe someone here could have better chosen colors, but ignoring that they would be shown…)
In the beautiful apartment we spend a couple of hours eating and drinking with joy and without shame, with Carla’s music in the background.

8:15 PM
Again in front of the theater, a coffee and then in, the wait is almost over, the concert is about to begin…
This wonderful tour is almost over and a veil of melancholy maybe pervades the thoughts of all of us, but there is no time to be sad, Carla appears to us from the darkness of the backstage and, in a moment, she wraps us all in the warmth of her voice… It’s like a hug, welcoming and accompanying us throughout the duration of the concert.
The songs slides away too fast for us who would like this evening of music, images and emotions, to be never ending. Paintings of life appear before us, they graze our skins, they caress our chills, they melt all tensions and leave feelings within us, feelings impossible to forget.
Everyone is enchanted by “his/her” song, because each of us is bewitched by one in particular… different moods that got tangled one to the other in the theater, life rhythms that explode inside us, harmonious of sounds and thoughts left to wander in the magic of these extraordinary evenings…
Carla shows us her state of minds while performing… we see tension, fear, beauty, sweetness, infinity…
The concert ends with three encores to which we have become accustomed in this tour. Carla’s voice is almost overwhelmed by the voices of the people singing along (or at least we try…), and sometimes she invites the public to loosen up a bit and to sing with her…
Carla smiles and we do too… with all our hearts…


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