Translation by Davide Andreis 

How long has it been since I took a train to a concert of Carla? Since 2007, precisely November 23, 2007, when, together with Cristina, I travelled to Taranto for a date of “Lungo la strada”… And we keep unforgettable memories of that day…
Well, in six years many things have changed and trains are one of them! 🙂
This time, no kilometers by car, no pit-stops at various service areas… just a comfortable trip on a semi-deserted and silent train.
From the large windows, the landscape from Rome to Milan seems to flow. The lush green of the cultivated fields, the clear blue of the windy sky, the white of clouds moving low.
From time to time I hear fragments of conversations, and, out of curiousity, I imagine for a moment the lives of other travelers.

Once in Milan Central Station I take the subway to the Cathedral, a few minutes trip, and from there I continue towards the theater on foot, camera in hand…

After an hour of waiting I see Carla arriving by car: she quickly steps into the theater as the musicians are already there waiting for her to rehearse, and so I’m off to take some other pictures…
Around 6 pm I sit with friends at a bar outdoor table in front of the theater, it’s cocktail and chat time… We spot Battiato while we’re there, and we all think that maybe he’ll sing with Carla … We’ll see!

Shortly after 9 pm, in the theater, the event is introduced by Elisabetta Sgarbi, who presents the guests that will read their short writings related to the topic of this edition of Milanesiana, ‘The Secret’, before the concert.
About an hour goes by with the interesting readings, but for me it’s quite hard to summarize them here, then Carla opens her performance with “Un mondo a parte”. Along with the great musicians who accompanied her in the winter tour she sings with true emotion some of her songs and a prèmiere, Shakespeare’s “Sonnet no.29”, a beautiful and delicate interpretation.

After 4 months since the last date of the tour I’m again involved in the magical atmosphere one can feel at Carla’s concerts. Through the renewed emotions I let myself be enchanted by the beauty of an artist whose sensitivity has certainly had a positive effect on my sensitivity, and on the sensitivity of anyone else who is able to open his/her own heart to the listening of a voice that, once inside us, stays there forever.

Eight songs in all and three encores. The last, sung with Franco Battiato, is the ever-present and always wonderful “Prospettiva Nevski”, of which the author, perhaps excited, forgets some pieces, repeating others already sung… and Carla smiling while playing the keyboard “Yes, but go ahead…”.
A beautiful evening, truly.

The playlist

Un mondo a parte
Come il mare
Sonnet no.29 by Shakespeare
A cchiù bella
Il sole nella pioggia
Eri con me
Autunno già


Il vento caldo dell’estate
Chanson egocentrique
Prospettiva Nevski


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