Translation by Davide Andreis

5:46 PM. It’s a hot summer day. We’re here in front of the Arena after having struggled to find it.
Yes, because the good old Flavio, who has always been allergic to navigators, today couldn’t take a step if not only did he have his GPS, but also the satellite map!! We are delighted, however, knowing that we’re about to experience an absolutely outstanding music event! Battiato is rehearsing “Bandiera Bianca”,by the way 🙂

6:00 PM They’re rehearsing “Chanson Ègocentrique”!! Flavio and I are in complete ecstasy :))))))

Ok, I (Flavio) will have had to manage with GPSs and various maps, but Cristina hasn’t noticed the nice breeze that blew in the afternoon in Latina making the wait less tiring than it could have been… 😀
Carried by the wind coming from the Arena, the voices of Carla and Battiato rehearsing reach us every now and then, while we’re having different sandwiches and fries (healthy food!), not to mention the various beers that increase our BAC 😉 Anyway there is plenty of time to wear the alcohol off, the concert will be long and none of us in the meantime will need to drive…
It’s Giovanni Caccamo, a young artist produced by Battiato, the one who start the evening with four of his songs, then Carla’s concert begins with a shortened program of the songs presented during the Samsara Tour.
She’s in great shape! She sings for about an hour giving to the public, as always, strong emotions…
We always feel ‘the Contact’ with Carla…
The start is with three beautiful, gentle songs: “Autunno Già”, “Sui giardini del mondo” and “Morire d’amore”… and so she let us enter barefoot in her world of infinite sweetness and sensitiveness…
Then this moment of intimate sensations full of charm is just a little paused by the introduction of “Nata Ieri” (we are in the hometown of the author).
It is a succession of delicate and suspended moments, while the songs are flowing fast, in a time that is always too short: and too bad that evidently the time to perform three songs lacked, three songs that surely the audience, even Battiato’s, expected to hear and would have appreciated with enthusiasm: “Il Vento Caldo dell’Estate”, “Per Elisa” and “Messaggio”, even though Carla rehearsed them in the afternoon and that I, personally, really missed in this beautiful and exciting summer evening…
After Carla, Battiato gives out the best of himself with his musicians and string quartet: a fast pace and flawless performance of some songs from his latest work “Apriti Sesamo” and other among its biggest and best-loved hits. The he calls Carla on stage to sing with her three songs (only three songs), and then he finishes his hour and a half concert with the affectionate “delirium” of his fans and those of Carla, who, maybe, expected something more from this, nonetheless, wonderful evening.
Yes, because something was missing at this show… perhaps the most important thing. Needless to say, we expected more. More than the expectable and more than the obvious. In short, we expected “the event”, that event that, for some reason, lacked…
We dreamed of hearing Battiato sing along with Carla “Eri con me”, “La Cura”, “L’Ombra della Luce”. We wonder why this unique opportunity wasn’t caught…
In the wake of “Prospettiva Nevski” it could have been a different Alice-Battiato concert, worth of these two awsome artists of equal and great value.
Two artists who walked along, at the same time, nearby and far-away paths, two people who, in the name of coherence and love for the Music, have always coureageously made their own choices…
Yes, something was missing, perhaps a fair exchange, which could have made the evening unforgettable…
We, unfortunately, didn’t feel “the Contact” with Battiato, despite having sang and jumped and closed our eyes following his melodies we well know and appreciate… But the emotion with him (and it’s our own  feeling, a very personal opinion, therefore debatable), the emotion of the emotional exchange, we were saying, that was missing with him…
Carla, instead, as usual, has touched our souls, beyond the space and time limits which were granted…

The evening’s playlist:

Autunno già
Sui giardini del mondo
Morire d’amore
Nata ieri
Dammi la mano amore
Eri con me
Il cielo
L’era del mito
Un mondo a parte
Anin a gris
Il contatto
Il sole nella pioggia

in a duet with Battiato:

Prospettiva Nevski
I treni di Tozeur
Chanson Egocentrique


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