Translation by Davide Andreis

12.18 PM   In a beautiful late summer morning we leave for Verona, sure that this will be a day to be kept among our best memories.

From the reports of the Sunday concert in Florence we already have a good idea about what to expect tonight, and most probably the charm of the Arena will only make the event even more magic.

2:32 AM, September 3  Back on the road on the highway to return home after an evening truly unique, spectacular in its entirety…

Stepping into the Arena for a concert is an indescribable feeling that expands during the evening while, fascinated by the show, we wait anxiously for Carla to take the stage.

Antony’s wonderful performance delighted us… His voice moved us deeply and his charisma invaded us gently.

After a brief pause Franco Battiato began his part of the show and we got taken into a completely different atmosphere with the most famous songs from his repertoire of the past. Only two or three songs from ”Apriti Sesamo”. Definitely exciting and addictive…

And then… And then along came Carla… And the time stopped … and our breaths too…

“La Realtà non Esiste” is the title of the beautiful song by Claudio Rocchi –recently passed away- that Carla performed masterfully with Battiato. This was followed by “I Treni di Tozeur” and finally, Carla solo gave us a magnificent version of “Il Vento Caldo dell’Estate”, which preserved its charm, unchanged over time.

A short time, but always magic.


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