March 20, 2015 Azzano Decimo – Warm-up show – WEEKEND Live

Translation by Davide Andreis

9 AM  Off we go! Our trip to Friuli is long but we’re confident that a wonderful day is ahead of us… We listen to Weekend in the car and speculate about the playlist. We’re happy… Very happy!

4:59 PM  Pravisdomini. Here starts the first adventurous adventure of the Weekend tour. We are in front of a Hotel (3 stars) but nobody answers from the reception 😦
We called the owner on his cell phone and he said he would arrive in 7-8 minutes.
We’re standing still, waiting out here…

Well, eventually someone comes along…. A lady who speaks very little Italian and understands it even less… she escorts us to the room; we try to explain to her that we’ll be late tonight and therefore need the front door key. It seems that there is no way to get it…. Maybe we should call them again later tonight when we get back… Hell, we read a good review of this hotel on Tripadvisor!  I can’t take it, no I really can’t!😭😭😭😭😭😭

5:14 PM. Finally we managed to get the key. We won’t have to play beggars tonight, and that’s something!

In front of the theater, behind a closed door…. That’s the magical moment when, from afar, we hear the notes of the rehersals… Pure emotion… Carla is rehersing Aspettando Mezzanotte and her high notes hit us straight in the soul…
While listening to the rehersals, the evening came: the air is a bit cooler and darkness wraps the theater around. At about 7 pm Carla leaves to rest before the concert. Meanwhile we get our tickets, Let’s take a break with our friends, who have just arrived.

9:15 PM  The musicians and Carla arrive on stage.
Emotions echo inside us in this latest concert of this Artist we’ve always loved, who over times continues to give us unique moments. Well, one might say unique moments, but, because of a strange alchemy, they magically keep happening, unexpectedly…
Songs for 90 minutes, chosen from Weekend and Samsara, plus revisited song from her repetoire.

On stage with her:
Osvaldo Di Dio: guitars, keyboards, voice
Floriano Bocchino: keyboards / piano, voice
Antonello D’Urso: guitars, bass, live electronics, voice.


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