March 29, 2015 – Florence, Teatro Puccini

Translation by Davide Andreis

A three-hour trip, a beautiful sunny day, a city so chaotic, though endowed with such a beauty we all know. We get to Florence in the late afternoon, and we join some friends who are already there for a happy hour. Lighthearted chit-chat before the concert, waiting for the evening to come…

I could write “and the curtain opens up” but there’s no curtain: the stage, like the previous concerts, is opened up to the sight of the audience. The instruments are waiting to come to life under the skilled hands and the deep feeling of Carla and her talented musicians.
Finally the lights go off… Carla steps in alone, Nel resto del tempo opens the concert which follows the playlsit already tested in Rome. The exciting encore of Tante belle cose closes it.

The very warm audience, as usual here in Florence, welcomes Carla in a huge hug that lasts throughout the show, making the exchange stage/audience more lively than ever.

Carla’s thrill is palpable, one can feel it in her voice, in her eyes, in her smile.
Her voice, powerful and sweet, goes down and up along the notes of magic.
In the rounds of applause I feel the rumble of hearts that live unique emotions in wonderful evenings like this.


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