Translation by Davide Andreis 

7.51 AM
We’ve been on the road since awhile, Flavio, me and the legendary Chiara (aka GPS navigator).
The Tempo Senza Tempo C1, which is, by the way, more and more dirty, has now made her way on E45.
Four days of fire await her… She will stack up kilometers, this small baby… and they insist on calling her “city car”!
We listen to Samsara in the car and talk with a note of sadness about the cancellation of Asti’s concert.
Right at the end of tour, it’s the last thing we needed! It was one of the last days to listen to Samsara live, at least for this winter tour…
But now here we are, driving to Udine, three wonderful concerts are ahead of us so, despite the “separation trauma” that inevitably will hit us in less than a month, we try to fully savor these joyful days.

10.13 AM
We are near Ravenna. The fog is a real pea souper. We listen to Exit…
What a great album!

11.45 AM
Near Chioggia. A strip of asphalt divides the lagoon in two, there is no clear borderline between the clear sky and the water; wrapped into fog, which slowly clears up, they merge into a single element.

3:17 PM
We are in Udine in front of the theater… Doing what, at this time, we don’t really know, but that’s okay. We did a a nice photo tour downtown Udine. Silence and poise, scents of food just eaten, low and colourful…

6:04 PM
In the theater… “Tempo Senza Tempo”, in the empty stalls, echoes even more strongly within us… Sitting in the back of the stalls, we silently attend the rehersals, enjoying these precious moments.

8:44 PM

The concert is about to begin… first row and lots of joy 🙂 The curtain rises once again on the notes of “Tempo Senza Tempo”. This Samsara Tour is a vehicle towards magic and ecstasy… It’s no accident the concert begins with this song, at least we do feel so…
This opening is almost a definition of intents not expressed through verbal language, but between the lines of sublime emotions. “Tempo Senza Tempo” is that area without an actual time period, in which music feeds energies, passions, moods and emotions. Carla’s low, deep voice in this song underlines its intensity and significance.
Time and space lose all borders to end up in a dream. The ending with “Il Cielo” seems to confirm this feeling of absolute suspension. And so heaven and earth merge losing their borderline, and near and far are here, together, in the space of a theater where grace and beauty are housed too, and where thought is lost, actually. And here we are, suspended, happy to “fly above the clouds, among the stars”…