Alice canta Battiato Padova 06.06.21

Auditorium del Centro San Gaetano

Eccoci qui, dopo 8 mesi dall’ultimo concerto… mesi che ci hanno visti di nuovo fermi a causa delle restrizioni, niente concerti, niente spostamenti…
Il 18 maggio Franco Battiato conclude il suo “transito terrestre” e noi siamo tutti un po’ orfani anche se la sua musica sarà sempre viva.

Il concerto a Padova apre il tour estivo che si sta arricchendo giorno per giorno di nuove date e chiude la Mostra organizzata da Goldin e dedicata a Van Gogh.

Noi partiamo abbastanza  presto per goderci con calma questo primo viaggio, vorremmo fare qualche foto per la città ma la pioggia non ce lo consente.

L’inizio del concerto è previsto per le 18.30, biglietti esauriti in pochi minuti il giorno della prenotazione
L’emozione è forte, preferiamo non scrivere altro per questa volta e lasciare spazio alle immagini


19.03.16 Roma – Auditorium della Conciliazione

Terza serata di replica del concerto di Battiato e Alice a Roma; anche questa data sold out.
Serata strepitosa, molto partecipata sia dal palco che dalla platea. Rispetto alla data precedente Alice interpreta da sola Nomadi .
Battiato a sua volta interpreta da solo Summer on a solitary beach. Insieme si ritrovano per gli altri pezzi già cantati, compresa E ti vengo a cercare.
Il concerto si chiude con noi sotto al palco a cantare insieme ai due artisti I treni di Tozeur e Stranizza d’amuri con Alice che resta ancora sul palco.
Giornata indimenticabile 🙂



Translation by Davide Andreis 

This morning, like every morning, I start my small C1’s engine to come to work… to Rome, a few steps from Parco della Musica.
It won’t be a day like any other. No, today I’ll leave my workplace in search for, almost always in vain, making sense of a few hours that remain until the moment I close my eyes to sleep.
Today I expect friends, Music, I expect my one and only true staple… My rustproof Sense, the Guide of over 30 years of my existence…
Yeah… Rome… how can I forget that March 5, 1983? My first Carla’s concert. I was a little girl or something more and the concert was a birthday gift. At the Teatro Olimpico, tickets bought from touts at a stratospheric price. For a long time it’s been the most beautiful day of my life… There were others, “best days of my life” then, and not a single one where somehow Carla, her Music, her presence, were not in it.

7:39 PM
It took me an hour to arrive, though I’ve been here many times; today I couldn’t even find the parking entrance…
I have lots of flash tied to this place. I remember, many years ago, a Sakamoto’s concert. I was with my boyfriend of that period… Before the concert we had a drink. He took a juice and after a while he told me: “For all my life, you must remind me not to drink fruit juice, because it makes me sick.”
And I replied, glowing with joy: “Then it means that we’ll be together for life.” He didn’t answer. I was very much in love. He wasn’t. During the concert I fell asleep.

I also remember a beautiful concert by Patti Smith, amazing!

The last memory that crosses my mind while I’m here waiting for the concert dates back to the day when I came here to buy the tickets for tonight. What a joy! I felt all the happiness of something beautiful that would begin soon: the Samsara tour, in fact. About that afternoon I remember the surreal atmosphere, the sound of a violin and an immense, irrepressible and childish joy…
Carla was there years ago, when I cried because of the man who didn’t answer. And she was there as well, with the joy I felt tightening the Samsara tour tickets in my hands. These are the thoughts that cross my mind when, after taking an elevator in the Auditorium, I find myself, as if by magic, in front of the Sala Sinopoli, and I step in for a moment, to attend the rehersals, with the indifference of those who should patrol to keep “intruders” away. Being transparent is painful, but sometimes it comes in handy!

The concert tonight is overwhelming. A series of cathartic, timeless emotions. Technically perfect, but at the same time full of passion, energy, blood.
It’s a continuous ovation for Carla. The audience is all with her, and often stands up to acclaim her.
After a few timeless songs, it’s a never-ending applause and gratitude: so is after “Nomadi”, “Prosepttiva Nevski”, “Il Sole nella Pioggia”, but even after the songs of the beautiful Samsara, above all “Un mondo a parte”. It’s a total exchange, the warmth permeates the Sala Sinopoli and the enthusiasm, barely restrained during the execution of the magnificent songs, explodes every time in an endless thunderous applause. Carla is happy. We are too, completely ecstatic.
The always superlative version of “Nomadi” of this tour, moves us to tears in the guitar round.
Wonderful musicians. There is room for all emotions: the entrance into the Dream with the opening of “Tempo Senza Tempo”, the gentle rocking in the sublime with “Morire d’Amore”, the ecstatic admiration for the perfection of the songs like “Prospettiva Nevski”, “Come il Mare”, “Sui Giardini del Mondo”, the poetic sweetness of “Autunno Gi‡” and “Un Mondo a Parte”, the warm emotion with “Nomadi” and “Il Contatto”, the catharsis with “Il Vento Caldo dell’Estate” and, finally, the pure fun with “Per Elisa” and “Messaggio”… and we’re all under the stage with and for her…

You are great, Carla! See you in Pescara…


Translation by Davide Andreis 

8:00 AM
Luck doesn’t help this new journey… I’m sick since yesterday and Flavio had a problem with his car… just a trifle… on a curve instead of making a turn, the car took a direction she liked more… And do we want to talk about the weather? Better not.
Anyway … Now we are in my small C1; we’ve got snow-chains, I’m filled with chemical stuff to resist until 2020 flu (but didn’t somebdy have to “unrough” me?), we set the GPS and in spite of everything… off we gooooooooo…..

10:37 AM
I don’t know whether it’s due to the chemical bombardment, Marina’s meditation or just the thought of the concert tonight… but I feel much better. This worries Flavio who, very kindly, came out with this warm invitation: “Now that you’re better, try not to bust my ch..s”. What a sweet friend … 🙂
The sky is more and more black, but still it doesn’t snow. Now that I’m better I start to realize that from today until Saturday, it’ll be all days full of Carla and a feeling of indescribable joy fills me in!

11.15 AM
The snow starts to show up, but after having nipped the flu in the bud, nothing is frightening anylonger! And then we have a special rose on the dashboard that will bring us luck!

1:13 PM
After a break for a nice dish of pasta we are going to face the last part of this trip, we will be Rovereto in about an hour. Cristina is better and she’s now driving. All around us the green of the fields and the white of the sky…

3:30 PM
We are in Rovereto, in a simple but nice hostel. Sometimes it snows and the stomach begins to trouble me again, dammit! Here’s a picture with the concert posters to set up the right mood.

5:11 PM
We are in front of the Auditorium. It’s very cold, but we are well equipped…

9:30 PM
The curtain opens up, moving cold air. It’s really cold here in the theater. Carla is wrapped in a warm applause resonating in the theater which, unfortunately, is half-full this evening.
We are few, but Carla is not missing our warmth, especially after the songs we love the most. Tonight, again, I’m overwhelmed by “Il Contatto”. I feel this song as it was taylored for me in this precise moment of my life…
But tonight something is missing… perhaps the exchange, the passion, the cathartic osmosis… Maybe that “Contact” that Carla, nonetheless, plays masterfully.
After the concert we seek in vain for a place where to eat. Rovereto is deserted… Probably all the people who wanted to get out tonight, attended the concert!
There is nothing open, neither a bar, nothing! Eventually, in desperation (even because we never eat before the concert, EVER) we decide to take the highway and stop at the first service area. I omit all comments on the usual carelessness of the Italian eateries for those who don’t eat meat… I fast, the others manage to fill their stomaches, but… Bad surprises are not over: out of the eatery, the Police wants to fine us because we improperly parked the car… Heck, it’s full of snow, nothing is really visibile, one can barely see the lines of the parking lot! Eventually the policemen decide to grace us, maybe they’re touched when we told them we’ve driven kilometers and kilometers to in search for food, as in Rovereto and Trento there was nothing open. They leave telling us a joke and finally we reach our hostel beds. A cold and noisy place but, between hunger, sleepiness and weakness we fall asleep in less than a second.



I primi biglietti del Samsara Tour da stringere fra le mani…

Biglietti Samsara Tour Roma
Che emozione immensa uscire dall’Auditorium di Roma stringendo fra le mani i biglietti con sù scritto “Samsara Tour”… Carla torna nei teatri, con un disco nuovo… se è un sogno vorrei non svegliarmi mai… E poi è bellissimo l’Auditorium di Roma, il tempio della musica, un’acustica impeccabile…
La ragazza del botteghino mi dice subito: “ma la prevendita non è ancora iniziata”… “Come no!” – rispondo io con una punta di orgoglio – “è iniziata ieri”. “Ah, sì, ha ragione…”.
Stringo i biglietti come un tesoro… Questi non li ho presi online, come avverrà per tutti gli altri del tour… questi li ho ritirati personalmente al botteghino…li posso vedere, toccare…
E mentre continuo a guardarli come se nascondessero chissà quale segreto, non riesco più nemmeno a trovare l’uscita dell’Auditorium.
Poi la trovo… stanno facendo le prove per un concerto proprio lì fuori e si sente l’eco lontana di un violoncello. Un’atmosfera magica e sospesa all’imbrunire… mi sento strana… ho i brividi… che si tratti di Felicità?

Col Tempo, Roma Auditorium Parco della Musica

12 marzo 2010  Roma – Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Petrassi

Cantando sotto la storia – “Col tempo” Ovvero: La musica è una macchina per sopprimere il tempo

Il bellissimo video del nostro amico Marco Mingarelli

Le foto

Foto di Cristina Paesani

Foto di Cristina Paesani

Foto di Cristina Paesani

Foto di Cristina Paesani

Foto di Cristina Paesani

e a fine serata si conclude tutto così…

Giubilo e ubriachezza a fine serata 🙂