Alice ospite di Mario Venuti

Tutto appare è il titolo della canzone nella quale Mario Venuti ha voluto la partecipazione di Alice.
Il tramonto dell’Occidente uscirà il prossimo 23 settembre ed oltre ad Alice vede la partecipazione di altri ospiti tra cui Franco Battiato e Giusy Ferreri.
Aspettiamo trepidanti di ascoltare la nostra Alice 🙂


Translation by Davide Andreis

Tutto appare is the title of the song in which Mario Venuti features Alice .The album, Il tramonto dell’occidente, will be released on September 23 and other guest vocalists, besides Alice, will be, among many, Franco Battiato and Giusy Ferreri.
We can’t wait to listen to it! 🙂

ALICE e BATTIATO a Latina il 30 luglio 2013


Arena Expo, Latina

30 luglio 2013 alle ore 21:00

L’appuntamento è per il 30 luglio (ore 21:15) all’Arena Grandi Eventi dell’Expo Latina per un evento speciale che prevede un doppio concerto di circa tre ore: prima il live di Alice, poi Franco Battiato e infine i due artisti insieme sul palco.

Organizzazione dell’evento e direzione artistica a cura della Ventidieci.

Prevendita biglietti/pre-sale

Translation by Davide Andreis


Arena Expo, Latina, July 30, 2013 at 9 pm.
The event is scheduled for July 30 (9:15 pm) at the Arena Grandi Eventi, inside the Latina Expo, for a special event that will feature a double concert of about three hours. First Alice live, then Franco Battiato and then finally the two artists together on stage.

Event organization and art direction by the Ventidieci.


Translation by Davide Andreis 

Alice, on the occasion of the recent release in Germany of her new album SAMSARA, appeared as a guest of one of the most-watched TV programs of the German channel ZFD, “Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel”.
She performed the lead single, “Nata Ieri” (Born Yesterday), written by Tiziano Ferro.


Translation by Davide Andreis 

11.04 pm
In a beautiful sunny day we begin our journey to Livorno, avoiding the highways and stopping en route here and there, to take some pictures.

2:00 PM
We are almost in Livorno, but we decide to stop at a service area to offset the awful breakfast with something at least edible…
Some clouds over inland Tuscany but over the sea the sky looks clear.

3:16 PM
We park our car before the restricted traffic area, we decide to head to the theater,
just to get our bearings, and then we go strolling to to take some photos. The day, though cold, is sunny and the light is good for our purposes…
Around 5 PM we’re back near the theater and find our fellow travelers in a bar, refreshing themselves. With some of them we then head to the port to take advantage of the warm sunset light and then, rather chilly, we are welcomed at Fabrizio’s, for a rich happy hour, basically a standing dinner (barefoot, since our host asked everyone of us to take off our shoes, wich resulted in a great display of stockings and socks, and luckily with no toe peeping out from any hole… maybe someone here could have better chosen colors, but ignoring that they would be shown…)
In the beautiful apartment we spend a couple of hours eating and drinking with joy and without shame, with Carla’s music in the background.

8:15 PM
Again in front of the theater, a coffee and then in, the wait is almost over, the concert is about to begin…
This wonderful tour is almost over and a veil of melancholy maybe pervades the thoughts of all of us, but there is no time to be sad, Carla appears to us from the darkness of the backstage and, in a moment, she wraps us all in the warmth of her voice… It’s like a hug, welcoming and accompanying us throughout the duration of the concert.
The songs slides away too fast for us who would like this evening of music, images and emotions, to be never ending. Paintings of life appear before us, they graze our skins, they caress our chills, they melt all tensions and leave feelings within us, feelings impossible to forget.
Everyone is enchanted by “his/her” song, because each of us is bewitched by one in particular… different moods that got tangled one to the other in the theater, life rhythms that explode inside us, harmonious of sounds and thoughts left to wander in the magic of these extraordinary evenings…
Carla shows us her state of minds while performing… we see tension, fear, beauty, sweetness, infinity…
The concert ends with three encores to which we have become accustomed in this tour. Carla’s voice is almost overwhelmed by the voices of the people singing along (or at least we try…), and sometimes she invites the public to loosen up a bit and to sing with her…
Carla smiles and we do too… with all our hearts…


Translation by Davide Andreis

9:30 am
We just left from Terni. My fault… I was supposed to be at Flavio’s at 7, but my finger fought with the alarm snooze button and then, 20 minutes after
20 minutes the delay accumulated… But this is no longer big news…
Actually it was an excuse not to leave before the opening of the Patisserie “Modernissima” which, after the fasting of the Holiday Season, it’s the right
place to be! 🙂
I like the idea of spending an afternoon at the beach!
11.40 am

A beautiful sunny winter day and time passes very pleasantly while playing Ruzzle and listening to Exitpaul… A beautiful record of a great Artist
and friend. We deliberately didn’t play Samsara in the cd player, in order to savor every single note later on tonight.
Short stop at the service area and we have a bit of fun.

5.30 PM
Wonderful afternoon at the beach … the scent, the noise, the atmosphere … many people in winter clothes, reflections on the wet sand…
Exactly what I imagined and dreamed of days before this concert.

After the beautiful stroll along the sea, as usual, we sought refuge in a bar, meeting old and new traveling companions …
In between laughters, serious conversations, cocktails and hot chocolates, time goes by quickly and the longed moment is now here.

Our camera equipment is ready … it may seem strange, but it is natural for us to be able to audience the show and get excited as we follow Carla through the lens, as we’re trying to stop Time in those endless moments of happiness.

Yes, because attending one of Carla’s concerts or, best, simply “meeting” Carla, makes our day!
And so the emotions that we get from listening turn into pictures… images that we just browse at any moment of our lives to relive those unique,
magnificent moments, that magically are always new, over and over at every single concert… The show begins… the curtain opens up shifting cold air to the first row. It’s always a magic moment of breath-holding, a moment suspended in time…

It is no coincidence that the concert opens with “Tempo Senza Tempo”.
Carla and his musicians excite us again tonight, the show expanded to include “visions” projected on the stage that bind to the arrangements and melodies,
weaving textures of enchantment in our hearts…
The surprise is to listen, for the first time live on this tour, to a song over and over acclaimed by the audiences in the previous shows,
“Un Mondo a Parte”.
Gently, Carla’s voice, supported by the minor arpeggios of Osvaldo di Dio’s guitar, and the sound carpet of sampled arcs, welcomes us in a world apart, really…
The concert continues leaving us excited, welcomed, contented, and aware of how fortunate we are in being able to attend such a charm.

We repeat ourselves, but the interpretation of a particular song, “Il Sole nella Pioggia”, always leaves us breathless…

The end of the concert is entrusted to two historical songs of the 80s: “Il Vento Caldo dell’Estate” and “Per Elisa”, which in no way are affected by
the time passing by…
We just have to thank Carla for these indelible meetings…
Then, outside the theater Carla, as always extremely available, stops to greet all those who expect to receive a smile, a look, a handshake,
an intense hug.
We, travelers, conclude the day in a pizzeria, each with their own emotions still resonant inside us.


Story by Flavio and Cristina,
Translation by Davide Andreis

When we left it was still dark …

It’s raining … It’s raining so much, it actually pours … but after the first stop at a service area and a chocolate croissant, life begins to smile and thanks to the coffee (before having it we were just grunting meaninglessly) we became lucid in order to set up the GPS navigator.
It’s time to play Samsara in the cd player 🙂 there you are!!! Off we go, for real now!!!!

8.50 am

We stop at a gas station near Città di Castello in order to refuel, and here we start to collect the first figure of the day: the C1 tank does not open up. I have never been able to open it (and so far, nothing new), and also poor Flavio tries in vain:

Luckily the pump attendant has mercy on us and in less than a second he sorts things out 🙂

The sky is always grayer and grayer, but it cannot discolor our emotions. We try to imagine which song will open the concert. We both think it’ll be “Morire d’Amore”… I already feel my heart in my mouth …

12.20 pm

It’s time for a good coffee with chocolate aftertaste at Marina’s. Of course, with my heart at
1000 beats, all this coffee is not a good idea!

Now even the sun came out … I see it outside, I feel it on my skin, I feel it inside me. We are moving towards Correggio, happy and in a suspended state of vibrant waiting …

3.45 pm

We are in front of the theater, Flavio, Marina and me … In a nearby bar we are enjoying a hot chocolate with whipped cream. Every now and then we cock an ear hoping to hear fragments of the rehearsals… But then I think that even if I could, I would go away in order not to hear anything: I don’t want to spoil a single moment of this expectation. A simple thought comes to my mind: it’s wonderful to wait … wait for something that you know for sure will make you feel good …

Some Iphone shots in an almost deserted city … It seems that on Thursday it’s all dark and closed … The square excepted, which is so beautiful …
Strange street names … and the laughter with friends begins … It seems time has never gone by!

We’re two hours away from the show … And I realize that I begin to cut myself off from
the outside world… I hear talks like indistinct sounds. I’m now in the atmosphere of the
concert … “The wait is colored with ancient impressions”

8:55 pm

We’re in the theater… In a few minutes the lights will go out, dissolving objects’ outlines and enveloping us in the fable… And, finally, darkness falls in the stalls, the buzz turns into silence, the waiting turns into Music…

The notes from “Morire d’Amore” warm up our hearts with that warmth known for years, which always renews itself, unchanged.

Then the guitar introduces “Tempo Senza Tempo”: Carla’s deep and hot voice was lulled by the rhythm of drums played with delicacy, which makes a good interpretation of Time passing by…

Dressed in black Carla moves gracefully on the stage, lit by a few lights that pierce the

“Nata Ieri” brings us back to the present, to Samsara, in a version that sounds like the one
“We always live with the thought of something or somebody, and we don’t realize what, and above all, who stands nearby, and how much, this persons has changed…”
Thus “Orientamento” was born… Punctuated in the incipit by an insistent beat that makes me think of a metronome, of time, which passes by and changes and changes us too, inevitably …
“Eri Con Me” is the next song, and it’s hugely appreciated by the public that crowds the small and charming Correggio’s theater.

“Autunno Già”, beautiful song, follows. It is as light weighted as the yellow leaves carried by the November warm wind, as delicate as a lullaby it caresses me. I close my eyes for a few moments, memories of old caresses come to my mind… The contact with our inner side is inevitable while listening to Carla .

“L’Era del Mito”, in the version already tested during the “Lungo la Strada” tour, comes before a very nice “Chanson Egocentrique”, with its fast-paced rhythm, breaks a little the atmosphere created by the earlier songs.

“Sui Giardini del Mondo”, a song I really love, brings over the drums a little bit more, perhaps sacrificed both for their location –they’re in fact located to extreme right looking at the stage, behind the guitarist Osvaldo di Dio, who almost always hides his colleague with chopsticks-both for the way in which they’re used.
Next song, “Come il Mare”, in my opinion suffers a bit from the use of the recorded bases and voice of Di Martino; honestly, I didn’t like it very much. Personally, I would prefer it sung live by one of the musicians.

“A Cchiù bella” is offered to us in the delicate version that Carla wanted us to know, a way to remember the moment when Giuni Russo faintly sang the melody that she had composed for the beautiful poetry of Totò…

The delicacy continues with “Anin a Gris”, in a bit more substantial version, due to the use of two guitars.

Then it ‘s time of “La Recessione”, timeless song, performed very well.
“Nomadi” leaves me speechless, for the beauty of the arrangements, for Carla’s vocals, for the shivers that it brings…

“Il Contatto”, inevitable song, wonderfully played, despite some technical difficulties due to a headset sound echo, that annoys Carla during the first seconds.

“Un vento a trenta gradi sotto zero…” so begins the beautiful “Prospettiva Nevski”, very well interpreted, the drums beat the softly rhythm, the guitar and the bass bind it all, Alice’s voice rises in his tone, touching the strings of our souls …

And then … Then came the first notes of “Il Sole nella Pioggia”: I find the sounds of the past, I find myself over the years, watching Alice ‘dance’ while singing this song. It’s a soul spell, a spell that comes back, hypnotizes me, always: I remain truly enchanted, observing her behind the lens of my Nikon.

“Il Cielo”, extremely delicate interpretation, evocative, sometimes poignant, ends up the

But Carla is called by continuous applause. And here she is, back on stage with her

Somebody asks for “Un Sigillo” and, smiling, she start singing “Ponimi come un sigillo sul tuo cuore…”, then she stops and says: “instead you’ll have to put up with this one!”… “Dammi la Mano Amore”, as beautiful as ever…. Memories resurface…
“Il Vento Caldo dell’Estate”… The electric guitar introduces the drums and the bass, the
musicians here feel more comfortable, I feel them. The song is wonderful, the voice of Alice is bright, clean, powerful in the refrain, unique.
The finale of this song is wordless. Pure emotion.

Alice greets and again disappears behind the scenes, but the public is not yet satisfied … A loud recall, she comes back once again and greets us with a wonderful “Per Elisa”. I can only say: hurrah to the bass and the electric guitar, and to the acoustic, and to the drums!

Thank you Carla!