Translation by Davide Andreis

The DVD with the recording of two performances of January 19 and 20 will be on sale from February 22 at the exhibitions’ bookshops in Bologna and Vicenza, and starting from Friday, February 21, online at the Linea d’ombra website.
It will come with a booklet of 24 pages with photos and the lyrics written by Goldin and Battiato, an introduction by Marco Goldin, which explains the show and its paintings, a footage of the rehersals and the backstage of the show itself.

The DVD costs €18. At the bookshops it will be sold in combo with the catalog, for a total price of € 40.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring
Show by Marco Goldin , with music and participation of Franco Battiato

Recording made at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, on 19 and 20 January 2014, of the show created, written and directed by Marco Goldin, with the special participation of Franco Battiato, composer of music and performer on stage with Alice and Francesca Michielin .

The DVD starts with the story, narrated by Marco Goldin, of the exhibition and the paintings and continues with a beautiful footage showing the rehersals and the backstage. The show, written by Goldin as a one-act play with music by Franco Battiato, illustrates more than the life of Vermeer, the sentiment that led to the creation of the Girl with a Pearl Earring. 

The stage action is composed of four scenes – from the beach of Scheveningen to Vermeer’s studio in Delft – linked together by a musical theme. Playing Vermeer, placed in a kind of world beyond life, from which he speaks, is Giulio Brogi. The other actors engaged with him in the scene are Gilberto Colla, Loriano Della Rocca and Fiorenzo Fiorito, respectively, in the role of the people met in the street, at church and at the market.

Goldin then imagined, and represented on stage, a sort of self-dialogue of the painting’s protagonist, in two different moments of her life, in a mix of songs animated by the wonderful voice of Alice, masterful interpreter of timeless songs, and Francesca Michielin.

A conversation, a dialogue sung wit different scenarios, suspended in time and space, with the background of seventeenth-century’s Netherlands, underlined by the sets, made with striking and clever video creations, by Fabio Massimo Iaquone in collaboration with Luca Attilii, while Erminia Palmieri signed the scenic desing and costumes. Light designer: Filipa Romeu.

The whole show was built around the splendid music of Franco Battiato, who, for this occasion, revised the original composition created for Telesio, a work that had a single performance in 2011, and has been adapted here together with the maestro Carlo Boccadoro, who also played the piano and coordinated the musical ensemble.

Franco Battiato not only created the music, but he even went on stage to play, along with Alice, two songs. First, Nel mercato di Delft  and then Insieme nel mondo, which Goldin put as a seal on his story at the end of the show.

On stage with Carlo Boccadoro on piano, Angelo Privitera (Keyboards and programming) and The Modern String Quartet, composed by Cesare Carretta (Violin I), Aldo Capicchioni (Violin II), Aldo Zang (Viola) and Henry Guerzoni (Cello). Sound Engineer, Pino Pischetola.

The show was produced in collaboration with International Music and Arts.

DVD duration: 148 minutes .

(from Linea d’Ombra website)