Translation by Davide Andreis 

Gray, rainy day. After a hearty breakfast we reach Marina to decide what to do while waiting for tonight’s concert in Verona. I LOVE the Dolomites above all things, and I’d have a wish… to get back to Arco di Trento, climbing paradise, the only sport that I love because I consider it as a philosophy of life, even before than a sport.

Marina and her hotel fellows would rather go to a spa, but my missed visit at the beautician’s, due to my flu, makes me prefer other programs. Carla’s words are quite useless: “Who cares, you are more than a few hair!”. Maybe because this is not a prosperous period for my self-esteem, my micro-hair triumphed, and so Flavio and I got on the legendary C1, the TEMPOSENZATEMPO Company Car, and we head towards Arco. Even just looking at the rock gives me an indescribable feeling. We are doing fine, Flavio and I… We can remain silent for hours and have the feeling of having made the longest speech… Unfortunately it is raining and this does not help, but we can also make a brief visit to the town and visit the Climbing Stadium, even if only from the outside, because it’s closed.

2:30 PM
We decide to head towards Verona driving along Lake Garda, where we like to stop from time to time to take pictures … An amazing feeling of peace advances Carla’s concert and it’s the perfect frame to the landscape.
We stop in Lazise. Silent in summer, it’s a peace oasis in winter.

5:21 PM
After a beautiful day, though with some drawbacks, unsuitable to storytelling, we get to Verona.

5:55 PM
We arrive in Verona after arguing with the navigator who refuses to speak up its indications. Flavio and I engage in an almost surreal conversation: Flavio: “I fear Chiara (TN: the GPS) is confused and does not understand anything”I: “No, she refuses to speak, but she understands.”
Anyway… we drive to the theater by looking at the pictures on the GPS.

7:30 PM
Tonight we’re far-sighted: we have a snack at the pizzeria in front of the theater, and just to avoid bad surprises, we even decide to book for a dozen people for later, at least dinner is ensured…

9:30 PM
The curtain rises, the stalls are almost completely full, only a few balconies are still empty. We have a feeling that tonight there is a more lively and festive audience, and in fact the atmosphere warms up soon.
On stage Carla, along with the excellent musicians who now get on perfectly well, immediately transports us into her world of infinite beauty, we, traveller without fear, we cross the threshold of this world, with neither time nor space, where past and present merge into a single Present suspended between the reality of the days that go by, and the dream of those other days that mark endless points in our lives.
The warm voice of Carla and the rhythm of the drums and the bass, halt our heatbeats… We enter a”magic circle”…
All the audience is clamoring out loud for encores. Carla comes back and finds us all under the stage waiting for her.
Encores are always an opportunity for us to sing all together. A blast from the past and not only in music… it’s a return to our adolescence, to the feeling of belonging that pervaded us, to our childish joy to find ourselves under a stage, united by the love for the same Music.

Aggiornamenti: INCONTRI alla FNAC e Date del TOUR confermate:


VERONA 25/9 ore 18 – Giornalista: Enrico De Angelis
TORINO CENTRO 26/9 ore 18 – Giornalista: Massimo Milano
MILANO 27/9 ore 18 – Giornalista: Enzo Gentile
FIRENZE 29/9 ore 16 – Giornalista: Fausto Pirito

Date del TOUR confermate:

30 novembre Forlì, Teatro D.Fabbri
8 dicembre Rimini, Teatro Novelli
10 dicembre Verona, Teatro Ristori
11 dicembre Milano, Teatro Dal Verme
13 dicembre Firenze, Teatro Puccini
14 dicembre Como, Teatro Sociale
11 gennaio 2013 Sant’Agata Bolognese, Teatro Bibiena
12 gennaio 2013 Padova, Gran Teatro Geox
24 gennaio 2013 Roma, Sala Sinopoli dell’Auditorium Parco della Musica